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Leader is the one who lives with the people to understand their feelings, miseries and situations and trying to find solutions to make sure that those issues will not be repeated again. A leader with vision drives his people towards better living and giving them good standards of life while satisfying the basic needs for all. Hope, desire, Peoples leader can generate hope, desire among dissatisfied people which provides an opportunity for the people to live their new happy lives.

Thopudurthi Prakash Reddy

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natural disaster
MLA Visiting farmers - the victims of natural disaster

Farmers smile brings smile to the whole country

Farmers are the backbone of country economy without which country could not stand, could not walk and could not do any kind of activity on its own just like human losing his backbone. Protecting our farmers is more than a responsibility for us, it should be daily duty which should be inculcated within ourselves just like we work, we drink and we eat daily. A farmer’s politician will always understand the farmers difficulties and vulnerabilities during cropping season and gets himself prepared to help the farmers in case if any unpredicted events occur that threatens the crop productivity and yield.

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