thopudurthi prakash reddy
MLA Prakash Reddy Garu
thopudurthi prakash reddy
About Thopudurthi Prakash Reddy

Get to Know T Prakash Reddy

Thopudurthy Prakash Reddy as a social worker, as a politician inspired so many people who want to make politics as their profession and served so many people who are suffering from poverty, and ignorance. He completed his graduation in 1995 at S.J.C Institute of Technology, chikkaballapur. Then he got interested in social service, started his career as a social worker, and thereafter entered into politics.


Joined political party YSRCP and won as a mla of raptadu in the 2019 assembly elections. Being a politician, he is known for the implementation of government programs at the grass-root level with high efficiency and accuracy. Apart from being a politician, he is known for his humanity programs with his own money like Zero cost bore wells for farmers, financial assistance to farmers during disasters, and building dairy-farm for women’s employment and empowerment.


Commitment, straightforward nature, showing empathy towards needy people, and leadership skills contributed so much to his success in politics and social service for a long period.


Understanding the issues of people, identifying them, analyzing them, and accordingly solving them are his strengths to continue to be a successful politician.


Showing integrity, responsibility, and resilience made him tackle several problems in his way of solving people’s issues consistently and committedly.

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