Natural Disasters & Nature Farmers

Natural Disasters & Nature Farmers



Natural disasters are events of destruction for the public and for public property whose intensity and impact vary from time to time. Because of the unpredictable magnitude and intensity of natural disasters, their prevention, mitigation, and adaptation will not remain the same over time.

-The Impact of disaster on farmers is so high than any other section of people or any other sector in occupational structure and composition. As different crops require different amounts of water for good yield and high production, a slight change in the required composition leads to poor quality and quantity of production. Either floods or droughts will have a major impact on farming and its production

-In India, 17% of the land is prone to droughts and 12% of the land is prone to floods, so farmers are always under stress and pressure for what happens or what occurs next during the cropping period because they had no prevention or mitigation or adaption measures available and aware of. All they can know is to depend on the government for compensation for the occurrence of disasters.

-If a flood or drought hits farmers in a cropping season, then loss of crop and production will not only bring the vulnerable situation to only farmers, it will have a multiplier effect on other sections of people and other sectors of the economy which undergo severe stress to do their functions efficiently.

-If a cropping season hurts because of a disaster, then food production will be diminished then food prices rise up, this brings inflation which impacts stock markets, bond markets, fuel prices, and import & export imbalance leads to the trade deficit, increase in poverty levels, a high number of hunger deaths, poor nutrition to children of our country, poor health standards for whole people, finally poor economic growth and lower per capita income. So primary sector loss brings loss to all other sectors in a country’s economy. If a country’s economy is bad, then people in that country are not happy and facing vulnerable conditions.

-Protecting farmers and farm production will bring pleasure to every person across the country directly or indirectly. The only solution to help farmers from disasters is to give them assurance and giving them confidence and relieving their stress and fear by guaranteeing them that every person across the country is standing on farmers’ side in their situation of vulnerability and assisting, helping them in a manner that each and every farmer will again hold plough, plant seeds, harvest the crops, thus bringing balance to the deficit

occurred by the disaster. That is exactly what MLA Thopudurthi Prakash Reddy did during heavy rains near gondireddypalli where the entire banana crop got damaged.

-MLA Prakash Reddy identified the affected areas and affected crops near his constituency and visited the farming area which got affected by heavy rains, then he talked with the farmers regarding the loss and impact of this unpredicted disaster, then listed out all farmlands which got affected. Then he informed the incident to the respected government and explained the context and situation of the farmers.

– For immediate assistance MLA Prakash Reddy provided financial assistance of RS 10,000 per acre to each farmer with his own money to avoid the worsening of the situation for the farmers and encourage, boosting them to continue farming and assuring them that he will be protective shield against any disasters if occurred in future.

Meeting the victims

-Not only this issue, every issue regarding farmers like free bore wells for poor farmers who had irrigation concerns and many issues which concerns farmers and farming are solved collectively by MLA Prakash Reddy with his own money to help the farmers immediately and rising the hope in their hearts towards their valuable profession.

-MLA Prakash sir came to us on the next day of disaster happened and sat with us and enquired regarding crop coverage, the loss that occurred, and how many farmers got affected by heavy rains. Prakash sir consoled us like a brother for the damage that occurred and guaranteed that he will take this problem to the government notice and give financial assistance of 10,000 per acre for immediate recovery and promised more assistance from the government in the upcoming days. -Sandhya Rani (intermediate)

– Prakash sir came to us immediately after hearing about the issue and came to us and asked everything about the damage and asked what kind of help was needed to cover this damage. Then Prakash sir told me to provide support to parents and help them in expanding farming and turning subsistence farming to commercial farming for more revenue and profits. For immediate recovery, sir gave us 20,000 for 2 acres of crop which are quite helpful to get back ourselves to farming again in the next season. -Ramesh (graduate)

-ప్రకాష్ అన్న రంట న్ష్ంట జరిగిన్ వంటనే మా దగ్రిగ కే వచ్చి రంట న్ష్ంట గురించ్చ తెలుసుకొని ప్రసుుతానికి మాకు రది వేళ్ళ రూపాయలు ఇచ్చి రు. ఈ
డబ్బు మాకు ఇప్పు డు చ్చల అవసరం మరియు ఉపోయోగ్కరం. మేము మీ దగ్రిగ కి రాక ముందే మీరే వచ్చి మాకు సహాయం చేసిన్ందుకు చ్చల కృతఙ్తఞ లు ప్రకాష్ అన్న . -సోమేశ్(రైతు)

-Agricultural problems cannot be knotted to the finance and funding entirely, sometimes understanding the farmers and farming, brings lots of issues to our notice which can be solved easily with our ability and capacity as a mla. According to me, a smile a farmer’s face brings a smile to the whole country.

-MLA Thopudurthi Prakash Reddy

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