Zero Cost Bore wells

Zero Cost Bore wells

-Requirements of farming contain a big list which collectively has to be satisfied to get good yield and production to the farmer in a particular season. Water is the essential primary requirement of that big list which decides the quantity and quality of the production.

-Water in the form of irrigation adds value to farming and brings value and significance to other requirements like capital, machinery, and labor work. And farming needs good quality water with essential nutrients and chemicals in the water, so selective methods should be used in choosing the type of water for achieving highly nutritious food during harvesting.

-In India, not every farmer gets a good amount and quality of water for their crops because of geographical constraints or natural climatic constraints but the majority of crops in India are rain-fed crops means, good or bad monsoon decides the scale of production from lower to higher production.

– Irrigation requirement drags farmers to borrow money with the highest interest rate, thus leading to a huge indebt situation which adds more pressure to the farmers during the cultivation period, If any of the requirements doesn’t get worked out for them then farmers are committing suicide where in India in 2021, 12 farmers per one lakh are committing suicides which is the highest since 1967 land reforms and green revolution.

-Constraint in irrigation has a multiplier effect on farming and for the farmers to get their investment back at post-harvest selling. Water is the only resource in agriculture that does not give any guarantee of its formation. All farmers across India are not similar in terms of social, economic, and cultural parameters, so from an economic point of view, the majority of farmers in India are poor and practice subsistence farming rather than commercial farming.

-For farmers, water scarcity is the biggest concern, and lots of farmers under this category are leaving agriculture and searching for other alternatives for their livelihood purpose. If farmers are retreating from farming then food availability

decreases periodically, thus water scarcity leading to food scarcity which is threatening several social factors across the country.


-In Anantapur district, Raptadu MLA Thopudurthi Prakash Reddy identified the problem of irrigation for the kanaganapalli farmers and started the great initiative of providing bore wells for farmers at zero cost. All he did is first identified the problem and got to know the causes for the issue, thus found that farmers in kanaganapalli area are lacking availability and accessibility of water and their financial situation is poor so they cannot afford to get a bore on their own.

– MLA Prakash Reddy addressed this vulnerability and listed out the farmers who are facing issues in irrigation and who are unable to afford it. Then for each farmer, prakash reddy started drilling bore with his own money and continued this initiative until every vulnerable farmer got water availability for irrigation.

-Now in kanaganapalli area, farmers got a 3-inch bore well where the quantity and quality of the water is good because those are underground water that contains essential nutrients and chemicals. This encouraged farmers to get themselves engaged in agriculture without worry and pressure on them till harvesting the crop.

-After this initiative, lots of youth in kanaganapalli area have shown interest in farming due to lower investment in resources, thanks to this initiative by mla prakash reddy for providing free irrigation which is the heart and soul of agriculture. Thus increasing the strength of farmers who has the ability to provide more food of good quality to the world’s most populous country.

-Initially, my parents did not want me to become a farmer because they know the difficulties, and vulnerabilities involved in present-day farming, especially in the Kanaganapalli area irrigation is the major concern to continue farming, but now our mla prakash reddy sir came near to us, had a long conversation with us and noted each and every issue involved in farming and solved it one by one efficiently and created the environment that educated youth like me can participate and contribute to farming which is the backbone of our country -Pratap, graduate

A Farmers Politician can cover every dimension of agriculture and its problems, a politician’s vision for making a farming profit will automatically open the gates for different ways and different forms of improving the farmer’s situation just like MLA Prakash Reddy initiated providing a boring facility at zero cost for every farmer, thus driving farming towards prosperous farming. –Maha Lakshmi, graduate

-Agricultural problems cannot be knotted to finance and funding entirely, sometimes understanding the farmers and farming brings lots of issues to our notice which can be solved easily with our ability and capacity as an MLA. According to me, a smile on at family’s face brings a smile to the whole country.

-Thopudurthi Prakash Reddy

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