Navaratna Scheme

Navaratna Scheme


The rapid construction of houses in Alamuru layout, Raptadu constituency rural mandal, is fulfilling the dream of owning a house for the poor in the region. The ‘Navaratna – Homes for the Poor’ scheme, supported by the state government, has been a boon for those who have been living in rented houses for many years.

Under this scheme, the government takes the responsibility of providing land and constructing houses without any cost to the beneficiaries. This initiative has alleviated the difficulties faced by the poor in paying rent and has made them homeowners. The selection of beneficiaries is transparent and based on eligibility criteria, irrespective of caste, religion, or politics.

In Alamuru Jagananna Layout, which spans 125 acres, 5,315 people have been allocated house plots, and pucca houses have been granted to them. Recognizing that many poor individuals lack the financial means to build houses, the government has stepped in to construct the houses for them.

The development of the layout includes the allocation of land for public purposes, such as parks, schools, temples, and government offices. The main road is 100 feet wide, and the internal roads are being constructed 40 feet wide. The infrastructure development includes CC roads, drainage systems, dividers in the middle of the main road, and planting of greenery on both sides.

Furthermore, basic amenities have already been provided in the area, including electricity and drinking water tanks for every ten houses. Efforts are also being made to acquire land for the establishment of cottage industries to generate employment opportunities.

The ‘Navaratna – Homes for the Poor’ scheme and the rapid construction of houses in Alamuru layout showcase the government’s commitment to providing affordable housing for the poor and improving their living conditions. It is a significant step towards fulfilling the dream of owning a house for those who have long been living in rented accommodations.

It’s commendable to know that the MLA of the region MLA Prakash Reddy implemented the ‘Navaratna – Homes for the Poor’ scheme and made houses available for the poor in Alamuru layout. This demonstrates the MLA’s dedication to addressing the housing needs of the underprivileged and improving their living conditions.

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