YSR Yantra Seva Scheme

YSR Yantra Seva Scheme


The mega distribution of tractors and combine harvesters under the YSR Yantra Seva Scheme is a significant step towards meeting the cultivation needs of rice farmers in Andhra Pradesh. The scheme aims to reduce cultivation costs through mechanization and increase the net income of farmers.

Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy will distribute tractors and combined harvesters under YSR Yantra Seva Scheme. 3,800 tractors and 320 combined harvesters will be provided to RBK and cluster-level machinery service centres in Guntur. It explained that through this scheme, agricultural machinery will be available at low rent and investment costs will be reduced for small and marginal farmers as well as large farmers.

The government is making available the necessary machinery and equipment for the farmers from sowing to harvesting in the state at a cost of Rs.2,106 crores. Equipment worth Rs 15 lakh is being procured in each of the 10,750 machine service centres at the RBK level. Combined harvesters worth Rs 25 lakh each are being provided to 1,615 cluster-level machinery service centres in 20 rice-growing districts.

By providing farmers with access to modern machinery and equipment, the YSR Yantra Seva Scheme aims to enhance productivity and efficiency in agriculture. Mechanization can help reduce the labour-intensive nature of farming, lower cultivation costs, and improve overall agricultural practices.

Furthermore, depositing subsidies directly into the accounts of farmers’ groups ensures transparency and facilitates the effective utilization of funds for agricultural development. This approach empowers farmers and enables them to make informed decisions regarding the procurement and maintenance of equipment.

The distribution of tractors combines harvesters and agricultural implements under the YSR Yantra Seva Scheme is a significant step towards promoting mechanization and modernization in the agricultural sector. It demonstrates the government’s commitment to supporting farmers and enhancing their income by providing them with the necessary tools and resources for efficient farming practices.


By actively participating in such programs, MLA Prakash Reddy can witness firsthand the impact of government initiatives on the ground. This enables him to better understand the challenges faced by farmers and work towards finding effective solutions.

MLA Prakash Reddy’s involvement in the YSR Yantra Seva program highlights his proactive approach to serving the agricultural community and his dedication to improving their livelihoods. It is commendable to see elected representatives actively engaging with farmers and supporting initiatives that contribute to their well-being.

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